valentinesValentine’s Day…”A single ladies favourite time of the year!” Said no one ever!

I don’t think couples like it very much either – why is that?  Anyway, regardless of what we think of the day, it is approaching us, and it is going to happen whether we like it or not!

Whether you’ve been dating him for a week, a month, several months or a year, or you’re completely unattached, here’s what you might like to expect and what you might like to do for this year’s edition.

You’ve been dating him for a week

Okay well it’s only been a week.  I’m sorry, but I really don’t think you can expect anything here.

Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, so if he If he is a real gentleman and perhaps even a romantic, he may take you out for a nice lunch or picnic.

But let’s face it; most men will completely forget the day all together unless you remind them.  And no!  It’s only been a week, there is no way in hell you are allowed to remind them.  If however, your need to do something on Valentine’s Day gets the better of you –  remind him if you so desire, but just a little warning… you probably won’t be hearing from him again.

You’ve been dating him for a month

This is when it gets a little interesting.  Depending on how many dates you’ve been on over the month and how much he likes you, this is when I would expect him to arrange a date, nothing too over the top, but a simple and romantic dinner and walk along the beach perhaps.

If you’re wondering what to do if he doesn’t mention it, I would recommend you arrange a night out with the girls, or better yet, think about dating other people.

However, if you’ve really got your heart set on spending Valentine’s with this guy, I think it’s acceptable to casually ask him; “So, have you got any plans for Valentine’s day?”.

You could even suggest something…. “Dinner and a Fringe show Sunday night?”  Followed by, “It’s Valentine’s Day?! I had no idea!”

Click here to browse the Fringe events occurring in Perth this Valentine’s Day.

You’ve been dating him for three months

If you’ve been dating consistently for three months then he should really be stepping up his game now.  Flowers, chocolates, dinner, wine, a movie….the works.  Here’s hoping anyway!

Some of my personal favourite romantic restaurants:

  • Clarence’s, Mount Lawley
  • Modo Mio, Crown Burswood
  • St Michael, Highgate
  • Divido, Mount Hawthorn
  • Duende, Leederville
  • Maltilda Bay Restaurant, Crawley

And it shouldn’t be all on him you know, if you’re a good girlfriend you will buy him something too.  Something I did for a boyfriend was make a beautiful little box filled with gift vouchers for him to use with me.  The gift vouchers included simple things like ‘One home cooked meal’ or ‘One night out on the town’.  But it also included some naughty vouchers for him to use, you get the idea….

If you prefer to buy your gift, here are some other ideas for your male suitor this Valentine’s Day:

  • Does he really like bacon? Buy him chocolate covered bacon or better yet, check out this recipe and make it for him!
  • Does he have a beard? Buy him a beard grooming kit
  • Better yet…. Do you hate his beard? Buy him a shaving set
  • Is he a suit kinda guy? Buy him some personalized love cufflinks

You’ve been dating him for a year – It’s official

You’ve been dating for a year, you’re now an exclusive couple and you’re in love.  Ooh la la! Lucky you!  I have one word for you too…. Jewellery!

A good girlfriend doesn’t hint and nag, or put in specific requests for jewellery though – Spoilt much?!

However, if he asks you what you would like, there’s no harm in making a suggestion right?

I am in love with Rosendorff diamonds right now and am especially loving their ‘special moments pieces.

If you’re dateless

So, you’re dateless, single, alone, lonely, unattached, isolated, without equal, solo, detached (I think you get the picture and I’m sorry if some of these words brought a tear to your eye).   You may even be desperate, but stop right now, don’t fret, don’t worry and don’t cry because being single on Valentine’s Day can actually be really fun! Some singles even organize ‘Anti-Valentine’s Day’ parties, so why not get into the spirit and find one near you?

Like to take the opportunity to meet someone on Valentine’s Day?  Why not go to a singles meet up?  Or the Tinder Party on the Rooftop at the Aviary on Saturday the 13th, where they will be playing Cupid and serving ‘Swipe Right Cocktails’ – Visit the Aviary website for details.

So whether you’ve been dating him for a week, a month, several months or a year, or you’re completely unattached, whether you love or hate the day, and whether you’re spending it with a hot man, your fabulous single girlfriends or at home with your cat, enjoy it! And remember…. It is really only another day Xx

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