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Once the go-to app for hook ups, Tinder has now become a little more serious, with ‘Tinder Weddings’ actually becoming a thing.  Can you believe it? And Tinder isn’t just for us young at heart now either, even my Mum has had a swipe or several (sorry Mum!).

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the latest online dating craze.  Firstly, have you been living under a rock?! Secondly, Tinder is a dating app which culls a group of men and women in close proximity to you who are also using the app. As there is no long user profile, your choices are based on photos from your Facebook profile, which really is quite superficial.  Hence why it is often referred to and used as a go-to app for hook ups.  Basically, if a person thinks you are attractive they swipe to the right.  If they don’t, then they swipe to the left.  Should you both happen to swipe right, then… Tada! It’s a match!


Once there is a match, a chat is enabled automatically within the app so you can begin chatting and hopefully arrange to meet.

Sure, you can still try your luck for a hook up, a quick fling, or even a one night stand, and you may even get a lot of them if you’re feeling ‘stud-ly’ enough.  But, if you are looking for love, don’t be discouraged by the people who use it for the other reasons I just mentioned.  I say this, because if my friend had been discouraged and didn’t go back to Tinder for one last shot (or should I say ‘one last swipe’), she wouldn’t have met her Fiancé.

Yes, you heard right, my friend met her Fiancé on Tinder. She’s not the type to meet a guy out at a nightclub or bar, and she had been single for some time, so when a work colleague suggested Tinder to her, she decided to give it a go.  After a few swipes, she got the impression that it was purely for hooks up and decided it wasn’t for her – Not her thing!

However, whilst at a friend’s place one evening, she was persuaded to give it one last shot and that next swipe proved to be her final one.  She chatted to the guy…let’s call him “Mr T” (T for Tinder of course), who was a FIFO worker at the time, for a couple of weeks until the night he flew back into Perth. They met that same night at a bar by the ocean. She told me she wasn’t nervous at all, as “Mr T” made her feel very comfortable and relaxed, as if they had known each other for months.  And so, a Tinder romance blossomed and now, two years later, they are engaged and planning their wedding.

And you know what?  That’s not the only wedding being planned either…recent news articles have cited Tinder as being responsible for more than 1000 engagements!  Who would have thought?

I don’t know about you, but the majority of my Tinder experiences haven’t exactly been pleasant and they definitely haven’t been engagement worthy!  However, hearing my friend’s story and those statistics, has put a more positive light on Tinder for me and has even provided me with a little bit of hope.

Look, I still don’t think I will be going back on there any time soon (I’ve stopped looking remember!).  But for those of you who are still actively looking, I hope this gives you a bit of hope too and perhaps even reminds you that love really can happen and it can happen where you least expect it!

So, with that in mind, would you consider Tinder to find love? Or perhaps you have already? I’d love to hear how your experience went x


Some encouraging words from my friend:

Open your mind up to different ways of meeting people. Use Tinder for what you want to gain out of it and don’t be discouraged by the fact that there are people who use it for different reasons to you. One day you never know, you might swipe right on the person that might be standing next to you for the rest of your life.

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