Recently, rather than just walking straight home after my morning walk , I decided to sit on a park bench for a while.

Upon sitting still, I realised that I so rarely do this. I so rarely just sit still and just BE! Sound familiar?

As well as the sounds of the many beautiful birds chirping and whistling away, I heard the gentle humming of energy emitting through the power lines above me. I realised that I have never heard this sound before, because I have never stopped to listen!

I also stopped to notice that the bench I was sitting on, was dedicated to the loving memory of a couple, who lived in the suburb together for over sixty years until they died –  this made me smile and reminded me that a love like that is possible.

How often do you do this? How often do you just sit still, listen and just be? Perhaps you never do. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.




Technology, social media and our ever so busy lives have taken over our ability to simply sit still and ‘be’. Society too, has impacted our sense of self.

Far too many of us focus on what we think society wants us to be, spending hours scrolling through social media, comparing ourselves and our lives to others, that we don’t stop and ‘be’ long enough to get to know who we truly are as unique individuals, accepting and embracing this and striving instead, to be the best that we can be.  We are all guilty of this at times, with the exception perhaps of monks!

In allowing society to dictate who we should be, I believe we lose a little bit of ourselves in the process.  Sometimes we even forget who we are, because we are too focused on who we feel we should be.

I know myself that some of my worst days are ones in which have started with me scrolling Facebook and Instagram, looking at everyone else’s lives and wondering why I don’t have this or that, why this person does and envying the perfection that is one woman’s Instagram account!

I know deep down that this is all for show, that no one’s life is perfect, that there are an array of filters and special apps available. I am also aware that some people might possibly envy me as they scroll through my Instagram account. But even so, I know it’s not a healthy way to start my day, or anyone’s for that matter.

So, how about getting up before looking at our phones and starting our days with some ‘still time’?


Still Time


How can we ensure we get this ‘still time’? We need to make time!

If we don’t, I can guarantee it will never happen.  As silly as it may sound, I think I’ll start putting some ‘still time’ in my day planner, every day.

Even just ten minutes a day and this can be incorporated into your mediation time (if that’s your thing).  It is meditation really, but you don’t have to call it that, neither do you have to be sitting on a pillow or a yoga matt and listening to bells chiming, whilst humming at the top of your lungs.

It doesn’t matter if your ‘still time’ is at the park, in your kitchen, in your bedroom, or on the beach, it matters that you’re doing it.  It matters that you’re being still and being aware of your feelings and surroundings while you’re at it.

I don’t know about you, but on the rare occasion I do have ‘still time’, I feel better for it.  There is some sort of inexplicable spiritual peace which comes over you during it.  Peace that can’t come from anything else.

Here’s to stopping, sitting, listening and just being, for at least a few minutes each day – it feels amazing!

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