I’ve added this ‘Share a Date’ page because I want Craven the City to be about all of Perth’s dating scene, all the dating experiences, all the stories and all the thoughts – not just my own.

After ‘coming out’ in my article, I had many people tell me how brave I am for sharing my stories. I hope that this has encouraged others to be brave and share their stories too! This is why I now invite you to share your dating stories with me.

Whether your story is funny, sad, about the best date you’ve ever had, you have a dating question, or you simply want an opinion on a dating experience, I invite you to share it!


You have a date to share – What do you do next?

  • Send me your dating story by clicking the ‘Share a Date’ icon on the home page or via the link on the Contact page and I will respond to you as soon as I can
  • Should I choose your story, I will first ask for your permission to post it on my blog
  • Then, I will rewrite it in my own words (so you don’t have to do any of the hard work)
  • Last but not least, the real magic begins and I post it on the blog for the rest of the readers


You have a date to share – But you are worried about confidentially

  • All contact between the story teller and myself is highly confidential
  • Names or personal details will be removed prior to posting and will not be disclosed on the blog or to anyone else


So whether you’re a frequent dater, new to dating, a woman or a man, I encourage you to join me and be a part of Perth’s newest dating blog, Craven the City.

Don’t be shy. Sharing your story really is, a beautiful thing x

share a date


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