The question on my mind today… “Should you let a guy pick you up on the first date?”

If they offer, it’s nice right? – It’s polite, a little chivalrous and convenient, but is it okay?

I’ve decided it’s a no go.  Here are my reasons why:


1. Danger Zone

Chances are the guy you’re going out with is really nice and normal, he will pick you up and you will have a nice date.  Or, even if the date doesn’t go down so well, you will never see nor hear from him again.  All is well in your world.

There is however, a small chance of him being an absolute psycho.  The last thing you need is an emotionally unstable lunatic knowing your place of residence.  We have all heard the horror stories; driving yourself to your first date venue will decrease your chances of any potential danger.

2. Be an Independent Woman!

By thanking him for his offer and politely declining it, you are showing him that you don’t need him.  You can drive yourself and get yourself to the destination without any help.  This shows him you’re independent and will make you appear even more desirable.

3. Prepare for a quick getaway

What if he is totally awful? If he drives you, how on earth are you going to get away?

You can ask him to drive you home early in the date, but that’s just plain awkward.

If you have your own vehicle, you can makeup an excuse for leaving and make a quick getaway without anyone getting hurt.

4. Don’t get drunk

If you’re a good girl like me, you don’t get drunk and drive.  If you let him pick you up, you are more likely to get drunk, make a complete fool of yourself, possibly even end up waking up in his bed the next morning or all of the above.

If you see potential in the guy, you really don’t want to make that mistake.  You will probably never hear from him again and will be full of regret.

If you drive you can limit your alcohol intake, be fresh, fun and in control throughout the evening.


What are your thoughts?  Do you agree or disagree?  Or, are there any tips you think I’ve missed?

Until next time… xx

1 Comment on Pick me up?

  1. Krsystal Keinamma
    January 25, 2015 at 11:28 am (4 years ago)

    Wish I knew some of these tips when I was in the dating scene !! Especially having your own transportation on the first date … Great advice and something I will hand onto my friends/ family in the dating scene.


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