coffee dateI’ve received my first dating story from one of my readers and I’m so excited to share!

One of my lovely readers (not naming names) recently joined eHarmony and had her first date from the site. She matched with a very handsome gentleman around her age, and after a few messages of witty banter and slight flirtation, they decided to meet for a coffee.

Following my 10 Tips for a first date, she arrived at the coffee shop five minutes late. She is relieved when she is greeted by a man who is just as handsome as his picture and is even more relieved when she is met with great conversation and a connection, which she felt instantly. Not being new to the dating scene, she knows a connection like this so early on is pretty rare.

After two hours of talking in the coffee shop, they were enjoying the date so much that they were asked to leave as the café had to close. She was disappointed and felt he was too as they were enjoying the date so much. The date ended like most first dates, an awkward hug and an even more awkward kiss on the cheek.

Two days later (a little long I’m thinking), she received a text message from her suitor telling her what a great time he had and that he would like to go on a second date. She told me she was surprised, as she often doesn’t hear from her dates again. – What a shame!

However, this one was sounding promising. They made plans to go on their second date on a Saturday night (a good sign). He suggested a comedy show then dinner and drinks in the city afterwards. Sounds nice right?

She noted that she made her first mistake when she agreed to let him pick her up. He arrived, but was ten minutes late. So to make the comedy show, he was cutting it very fine! He drove to the city like a mad man constantly checking his watch, risking crashing his car on the way!

To make the date even more frustrating, he was unable to find a parking spot. So they spent the next half an hour driving around looking as he continued to check his watch, when he should have actually been looking at the road as well as for potential car spaces.

Finally, “Stuff it!” he said “let’s just go straight to dinner!” He suggested one of his favourite restaurants close by. They arrive at the restaurant and guess what? It was closed. This was all she needed now right?

Then they went to plan C, a small bar for a drink in the CBD. The bar had little food options and zero atmosphere. The conversation was okay, but by that time they were both just over it. The romance was officially dead.

After a couple of hours of talking, he drove her home. This car ride was even more awkward than the first. They barely spoke and this time there was neither an awkward hug nor an awkward kiss goodbye.

Two days later she received a text message from him. He told her that he enjoyed the night, but had mixed feelings about her. After careful analysis and feedback from her friends, she realised that the guy’s inability to go with the flow and be flexible, established more than anything that he wasn’t the guy for her – Good on her for knowing what is right for her and what isn’t!

I wonder if the second date had gone smoother, would they have gone on a third? Was a potential romance ruined simply due a few hiccups? Maybe this happened for a reason, so that she was able to see early on that he was not the ‘go with the flow’ type of guy she was looking for.

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