Take a moment to think back to the days when we didn’t have all of the modern technology we do now, the days when we weren’t so reliant on it, the days when we would pick up the phone and call someone, rather than send a text message and wait for a reply, or sit and stare at our iPhones watching the little typing dots.  You know the routine, they start, they stop, they start, then they stop again, and you wonder what the other person is trying to write to you.  Sometimes they stop typing all together.  And you of course know they’ve read your message, so you wonder when they’re going to reply.   If it’s a heated or exciting text conversation, you can often be left in suspense for a long time!

When it comes to dating, sometimes I actually get frustrated when a guy sends me a text message.  Why can’t we just have a conversation on the phone like we used to?  Now just planning a simple date seems to take a cycle of text messages, with some just about requiring a code expert to interpret!

I think that maybe dating would have been easier then.  I’m sure there would have been less waiting and a little less wondering or simply a little less emphasis on it all and perhaps we wouldn’t have thought or worried about it all so much.

What doesn’t help, are the number of mediums for contacting our dates nowadays.  Rather than just going home and checking our answering machines like we would have done twenty years ago, we now have to check a number of mediums to know whether or not our date is well… “into us”

These days, for many singles, it usually goes a little something like this:


First you check your mobile and it’s not uncommon to have multiple mobiles these days either. You check for any text messages, picture messages, missed phone calls or video calls.

At times, you may even go back to the last text you sent to make sure it sent properly.  Sometimes even hours later, I go back to the message and discover it hasn’t even been delivered! Surely Apple knows how to deliver a message by now.  What’s up with that?!

Then you have to send it as a text message. Why?  Why isn’t the Imessage working?  Great!

Social Media

Then, you check your social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.  You check if there are any private messages, wall posts, pokes, photo likes, photo comments, post likes, post comments and so on.  Then you will probably begin trawling your news feed for any updates and the next thing you know, you’ve been on Facebook for over an hour without even realizing any time has passed!  Sound familiar?


Then you check your email. You probably have multiple email addresses too.   I myself have one personal, one for my blog and one for work.  I usually don’t give men my email addresses, but if you do, then you may decide to check there too!

Dating Site

If you’ve met the guy via online dating, you’ve got to log in and check there. He could have messaged you on there right?

Then you may as well check your other messages and matches while you’re on there.  So, another hour passes by.  Whoops!

Home Phone

In this day and age you probably don’t even have a home phone, let alone use it.  But if you do, you will need to check that too.  Remember when you used to check whether or not there was a little red light flashing with the number of messages?  – Those were the days.


So then after all of that, if you haven’t heard from the guy you’re dating, you’re probably feeling pretty damn disappointed!  But do you think you are possibly more disappointed than you would have been prior to this outbreak in modern technology?  Perhaps going to less effort, and checking only one medium may have made the disappointment and possible rejection easier to take.

Back in the old days, men could use the ‘busy’ excuse and women would probably have believed it.  Because they didn’t have their phones permanently glued to their hands or permanently lodged in their jeans pockets like some of them do now.  They had to wait until they got home to call you, or they had to run to their local phone box using any spare change they could find.

So readers, I ask you this:

Is modern technology destroying dating?   Or do we just think that it is?

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