When it comes to food, I will eat just about anything!  But I am one who believes that food is best when it’s shared and even better when you make it into an experience. I will be delving into some of the different food experiences over the next few months… but to begin with, my favourite ‘eating experience’ of all…Tapas!

A lot of people (and by people I mean Australians), seem to get the meaning of tapas wrong. I’ve had people invite me out for Asian or Mexican Tapas.  Excuse me…if it’s Asian or Mexican, it isn’t tapas people!!  For starters, Tapas is a Spanish word! Spanish! And the official meaning: ‘A wide variety of appetizers in Spanish cuisine.’  So, if you say you want to have Asian Tapas, Mexican Tapas, Italian Tapas, or Whatever Tapas, it is no longer Tapas I’m afraid.

I myself have been to Barcelona in Spain and have eaten Tapas and drank Sangria after hours of shopping on Las Ramblas and I can tell you right now, the Tapas we make here will never be the same as over there! I can however, tell you about a few in Perth that come pretty damn close!

Duende, Leederville

This is by far the best Tapas restaurant I have been to in Perth and a restaurant I frequent often.  The food, wine list, ambiance, staff and the location are all close to perfection!

The décor also has a really warm and Spanish feel to it, which I love.

Must try: Ceviche and Doughnut balls

Rustico Tapas, Rockingham

I know what you’re thinking, why would you go to Rockingham to eat Tapas? In fact, why would you go to Rockingham full stop? Yes, it is not the ideal location, but the food is fantastic, the drinks are flowing, the service is good and they even have live music to accompany it all.

And better yet, they now have an additional location in the heart of Margaret River!

Must try: Fried Goats Cheese, Beef and Pork Meatballs

Andaluz Bar and Tapas, Perth CBD

In third place is one of the funkiest bars in the CBD.  It’s a little hidden, so you may not even know it’s there, but once you try their delicious food you won’t forget.

Must try: Belly Pork strips

I hope reading this has got you salivating as much as I did writing it – Happy Tapas! (And please don’t forget what it really means).


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