fairytalesI was thinking about Fairy tales today. You know, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and all of those Disney movies you watched as a child. Every single one of them ends with a Prince or some form of ‘knight in shining armour’ turning up out of nowhere and coming to the woman’s rescue to whisk her off to a life of never-ending bliss.

As little girls we would watch these movies in awe and listen to our parents read these tales at bedtime, delighting in the promise that this was simply what would happen to us one day.

We grow up, go to school, go to university, and possibly get a job and then poof!!! The perfect guy just pops up out of thin air, you kiss him, and live happily ever after.  That’s it!

Is that the impression the tales were giving us?  Were they intended to give us that impression? Why did our parents read these stories to us?

Should they really have read us another version of Sleeping Beauty?  How about one where she eventually woke up, not because she received a kiss from her dream man, but because she simply had to.  She had to get up and face reality, so she brushed the dust off her, jumped up, got a job, an apartment and a single healthcare plan.

I think it’s only now that we’ve woken up and realised that no man is really going to turn up out of the blue, save our lives and make all our dreams come true.

Of course when we grow up, we soon realize that we need to get our own shit together. Which is great, don’t get me wrong.  We do, as women, get our shit together and take care of ourselves, and we do it very well (some would say we do it better than men).

But it’s a little sad isn’t it? That there is not necessarily a special someone out there for every single one of us and that there is more to finding our prince than simply falling to the floor and having him catch us.

Is it scary that we may have to face the world all alone?

Or is it refreshingly independent?

You decide!

3 Comments on Fairy Tales

    March 3, 2015 at 5:49 am (4 years ago)

    I am loving these posts. Keep them coming!

    You have one more happy subscriber!

  2. Nanna Bubble
    April 5, 2015 at 2:43 pm (4 years ago)

    I want to tell you a positive story.
    I’m now 48 and up until 3 years ago I never married. Now I was proud to say I never married because it meant I refused to ‘settle’, my advice is always to never settle for anything less than absolutely no doubts.
    I had a fairly long list of things I wanted in a man, having a mental list of exactly what you want in a man is essential in my opinion. If you want the man to treat you as if you are number one in his life then that is on your list, and it’s not too much to ask. if you want your man to be strong with you because you know you can be a bit bitchy sometimes, someone to balance you, then that is on your list.
    Where I’m getting to is know exactly what you want don’t be fickle about it think hard about it. Then stick hard and fast to it.
    ive had many many years of dating searching hunting trying everything to find my Mr Right not just a Mr Right now. And the best thing I can suggest is to get out there and do the things you love doing. I joined an activities website and started doing things like camping and kayaking, I started really enjoying life not bothered to meet anyone at all. I had a good job providing well for myself, a house a car all the things you need in life except a man, but my experience told me I didn’t need a man and Infact a man might just disrupt my harmony I had going on. Which led to, he would have to be a damn near ‘perfect for me’ man for me to risk my happiness. That is what made me think hard about what kind of man that would have to be, actually I couldn’t believe I never really thought about that before. before if there was a spark I’d give it a go, but now I know how important it is to know realistically of course what kind of man you need. The mental list actually also helped me to keep grounded. As my brain would maintain control while I evaluated the man I was dating, letting the heart take control in the early stages never ended well for me.
    So I’m happy healthy actively loving life, totally not interested in meeting a man and along comes my now husband. My perfect for me husband. I made him wait 11 weeks while I got to know him and made sure he ticked all my boxes. Only one cross on my deal breakers and I felt incontrol enough that I could send him packing. I must say I’m pretty lucky thou he truely is a prince charming.
    Never give up hope in your ideal man he is out there, I truely believe in that but he won’t show up until you are ready for him. How do you get ready, well my guess is you need to be at peace with yourself, find your happiness, get some hobbies, know yourself good and bad and your ideal man good and bad also live life and never settle for less.
    Obviously there is more to this story I have just skimmed over some, so my apologies if it is a bit hard to follow I’m not a writer hehehe feel free to ask any questions or rebut as you see fit.

  3. Nanna Bubble
    April 5, 2015 at 2:52 pm (4 years ago)

    I forgot to mention – just because there is a spark dosnt mean there is a chance it will work. If he gets a cross from you move on spark or no spark.


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