I have seen this quote a lot recently and it’s got me thinking:

“Everyone you meet comes with baggage. Find someone who loves you enough to help you unpack”.

What?! Why should I expect someone to help me unpack my baggage?  And why should I have to help someone unpack theirs? It’s their baggage!! Are we encouraging this now?

Is baggage ever OK to bring into a relationship?  And if so, when? What type of baggage is acceptable?

Personally, I don’t think anything old should be brought into a new relationship.  It’s old for a reason. That’s why it’s called baggage.  If you have excess baggage, then maybe you shouldn’t be getting into a relationship in the first place.  At least, until your own baggage has been unpacked.

Airlines charge you an excess baggage fee for a reason.  They don’t want it! And neither does your next partner.


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