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1. To get out of your comfort zone

Getting out of your comfort zone is taking a risk, but risks are what help us grow.

As children, many of us were natural risk-takers. But unfortunately as we get older, we tend to learn to fear failure, we start holding ourselves back and attempting fewer new things. This can be especially true when it comes to dating. The more we are hurt, the more scared we become, and the more scared we become, the less we date. Consequently, dating becomes one of those areas out of our comfort zone.

But wait! Did you know that getting out of your comfort zone will actually increase your confidence!? Whether the date goes really well or awful, I can almost guarantee that you will leave feeling confident and proud of yourself for at least getting out there and meeting someone other than your ordinary type.

2. To learn not to judge a book by its cover

If you’re anything like me, then you tend to be a little too focused on the exterior side of things. You like nice looking things and nice looking men – and who doesn’t? However, sometimes your focus can be so much on how nice/not nice a man looks on the outside, that you forget to look deeper into the inside.

In saying that, it’s pretty difficult to look deeper into a person when you have never been out on a date with them though, isn’t it? You know what I’m going to say next – don’t you?

You guessed it… Next time a guy you don’t find very attractive asks you out, give him a chance! He might be an amazing person and you never know – Sometimes attraction can really grow.

3. To simply be kind

Some girls, (no wait, many girls!) are absolutely stunning, and being absolutely stunning can cause them to be a little full of themselves! We can all be a bit full of ourselves sometimes I’m sure, but some of these girls become so obsessed with how good looking they are, that they begin to lose sight of everyone and everything else around them. Well, everything that is besides how good their new dress makes their ass look or how nice their shade of blonde is after the latest hair treatment.

This is all okay in moderation; we are women in the modern world after all, and pride in our personal appearance is important, but we don’t need to buy into the great deal of pressure this modern world puts us under to look perfect!

So, how about taking the focus away from your pretty little self for just a minute and being kind to that guy who has been chasing you and give him a chance. Meet him for that drink or coffee and get to know him. It may end up being just one date and you may never see him again. Then again, you just might hit it off and notice his inner ‘good looks’ shining through!

I’m not saying you always have to do this, or that you will fall madly in love with the guy you’re not attracted to. I’m just saying that if you give a chance to the guy you wouldn’t normally date, you will probably make his day… and by doing so, you might even make your own too!

Can you relate to this, or have a similar story to share? Or maybe you disagree with me completely? Contact me today – I’m always keen to hear my readers thoughts and stories! xx

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