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Month: December 2014

10 Tips for a First Date

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1. Meet in a public place

The reason for this one is obvious isn’t it? – Safety!

You can never be too careful when meeting a guy for a first date.  Whether you met him on the internet or at a bar, when you go for your first date meet him in a place as public as possible like a busy cafe or restaurant to keep yourself as safe as possible.

2. Arrive a little late

In my experience, being the first one to arrive for a date and sitting on your own in a restaurant or a bar wondering when he is going to turn up is not exactly an enjoyable experience.  Therefore, I’ve found it’s best to be a little late, so that in most cases he is already there and you can see him right away to ease any nerves you may have.

But ladies, when I say a little late I mean 5-10 minutes, I mean you don’t want to be rude!

3. Offer to buy the first round

This shows you’re a kind, generous and independent woman who doesn’t need a man to buy her things.  In most cases the guy will insist on paying anyway and you won’t have to.  But I can assure you, either way, this will definitely impress the pants off him.

4. Keep it light

There is nothing worse than listening to someone talk heavy on a first date.  If you start talking about your difficult childhood, your past relationship or your grandmother passing away, the guy is very likely to freak out and run for the hills.   Besides, surely discussing those things over a first date wouldn’t exactly be enjoyable for you either.

5. Don’t over share  

This is very similar to my last point I know, but I can’t stress the importance of this one enough.  Don’t tell your date too much to begin with.  Keep the conversation fun and interesting.

Tell him the basic details about you of course, i.e. your job, your hobbies, number of siblings your favourite food etc and find out similar information about him too.  Just don’t delve much deeper.

He will only freak out and you will only want to slap yourself later.  I promise.

6. Drive for a quick getaway

Drive your car to your first date.  This is a good one for two reasons:

  • A: You will not be able to drink much
  • B: You will have a way to quickly get yourself home, should the date turn into a total disaster (I hope for your sake it doesn’t, but just in case)

7. Be up front about what you want

I know I said earlier that you shouldn’t tell your date too much or get heavy.  That is still the case.  However, I do believe it is important to be clear about what it is that you’re looking for from the start i.e. whether you’re looking for a bit of fun in the bedroom, a simple friendship or a long term relationship.

Don’t make a big thing about it, but if it does come up, be honest, that way if he isn’t looking for the same thing you are, you can move on quickly and avoid getting hurt.

You will thank yourself for it.

8. Watch your wine intake

Don’t get drunk on a first date.  I guarantee he will be turned off, you will make a fool of yourself and you will do something you may regret.

Find out what is a good amount for you and stick to it as a rule.  Me, I won’t allow myself anymore than two glasses on a first date.

9. Don’t be the first to text

This may sound silly but I never  text the guy first after a first date. I always wait for him to text me.  Why you might ask? – because if you text the guy first it’s harder to tell whether or not he genuinely likes you.  If the guy is polite, he may just respond to you anyway.  Or, he may even agree to a second date just because he has nothing better to do.

What you want and what you deserve is a guy who enjoyed your company so much that he absolutely can’t wait to see you again! This guy will text you within 24 hours, I can guarantee it.

So just wait it out and give yourself some credit.   If he is into you, you will hear from him.

10. Have Fun!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find I just can’t shut my thoughts up!  So often rather than just enjoying the date, I find myself thinking about it and wondering whether or not it will lead anywhere.  Sometimes I will even think about my workload for the next day or the washing I still haven’t done, when I really should just be listening to him and enjoying the moment.

Don’t think about whether the date is going to go anywhere or not.  Just enjoy the moment you’re in and have a little fun.

Love me Tinder | Tinder


tinderAh Tinder…..Yes I have it and if you’re reading this, chances are you have it too.



As I’m browsing through, I seem to be swiping left about 90% of the time.  Here are some of the types of guys forcing me to do so:

  • The guy without a photo  
I thought that the need to have a photo on Tinder was obvious.  Is it not?  The whole App is based on photos and if you don’t know that you’re just silly.  Or if you do know that, then you must know you’re not capable of taking a good enough photo to upload.  I swipe left instantly.
  • The guy with a wedding ring

You know that selfie you took in the mirror? And you know your left hand? The one you used to take the photo?  Yeah, it still has a wedding ring on it.  Did you think the ladies on the other side wouldn’t notice? Or did you just forget you had it on?  I sit and think about what an idiot he is for a few minutes and wonder if his wife knows, then I swipe left.

  • The guy holding a baby  

I love kids don’t get me wrong, but the last thing some women want is to be a step mummy.  It might not even be your child, it could be your niece or nephew, or you could simply be trying to show us ladies that you’re good with children.  That’s sweet and all….but don’t.  It just confuses us.  Swipe left, too hard because Tinder is supposed to be easy.

  • The guy in all the group photos

There are at least 4 guys in all of your photos. I don’t have time to figure out which one is you. Although sometimes I will take a gander and choose which one in the group is the hottest, then I swipe left.

Once you’ve got a match it’s all lollipops and rainbows and you live happily ever after right? Wrong!

I couldn’t tell you how many guys I’ve had ‘like’ me, whom I’ve been excited to talk to, yet have never said a word to me!  Often it is really just a game to them, a competition between them and their mates as to who gets the highest number of matches.  Don’t waste our time gentleman.  Most of us women are looking for that special someone and we mean business!

When you do eventually have a conversation with a guy on Tinder it can be fun.  The messaging system is quick and easy to use and as long as the conversation is intellectually stimulating and the guy has a decent photo, you’re pretty much set.

Let the dating begin!

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